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Hungary Extends “State Of Emergency” Over Migrant Crisis, Potential Terror Threat

Tamás Székely 2017.08.31.

The Hungarian government has decided to extend by six months the current state of emergency in Hungary in connection with “the crisis caused by mass migration”, the government spokesman announced on Wednesday. The state of emergency will apply until March 7 next year.

“It has been proven that mass immigration has heightened the threat of terrorism in Europe, and continued strict control of Hungary’s border is necessary to ensure the security of Hungarian people,” Zoltán Kovács said. He pointed out that at last week’s cabinet meeting, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér had recommended that the state of emergency, which was due to expire on 7 September, should be extended.

The Government Spokesperson also told the press that during its meeting on Wednesday, the Cabinet had reviewed the most recent developments in the proceedings launched by the European Commission with relation to the rule of law in Poland, and determined that Poland is a victim of double standards. “The Hungarian Government is critical of the European Commission’s decision, because it has been proven clearly that in practice the member states of the European Union are not judged according to equal terms”, he said.

“The Government of Hungary rejects the application of double standards on principle, and calls on the Commission to be the protector of the treaties in accordance with its mandate, and stop dealing with political issues”,  Zoltán Kovács said.

via MTI and kormany.hu