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Hungary To Extend Anti-Immigration Poster Campaign To Syria And Afghanistan

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.08.13.

The Hungarian government has decided to extend its anti-immigration billboard campaign to migrants’ countries of origin, including Syria and Afghanistan. The Hungarian posters will attempt to convince would-be migrants that the border fence built on the country’s frontier with Serbia has made travelling to Western Europe along this route a near impossibility, according to information obtained by the news portal

Hungary will launch the campaign, aimed at decreasing migratory pressure and fending off refugees arriving to Europe from travelling through Hungary, in Afghanistan and Syria – or possibly the Turkish side of the Syrian border – in September. According to the website’s article, the advertisements will also send out the message that the Hungarian government is unwelcoming towards migrants arriving to the country.

After examining the possibilities of advertising in the war-torn countries and conflict zone, the cabinet came to to the conclusion that only very small groups can be reached through the Internet and social media, and opted rather for placing advertisements in public spaces and in newspapers. Under the decision, the posters will be installed in September, parallel to the completion of the temporary fence on Hungary’s border with Serbia, in several local languages and dialects.

The government’s anti-immigration billboard campaign has been going on within Hungary since May; the Hungarian-language posters were primarily meant to send out the government’s message to the electorate. The campaign’s anti-immigration messages provoked a joke party launching a large-scale “anti-anti-immigration” campaign.