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Hungary To Erect Giant Obelisk In Honor Of GULAG Victims

Tamás Székely 2017.02.08.

Plans are to erect by the end of November an obelisk in memory of political prisoners deported to the Soviet Union. The site will be Október 6 Street in Budapest’s central fifth district, the daily Magyar Idők said.

Ruling Fidesz lawmaker Erzsébet Menczer told the paper that stylistic elements of the 14-metre-high granite monument will recall barbed wire and contain inscriptions reading in Hungarian, English, German and Russian “In memory of the victims of Soviet occupation”. Besides commemorating 800,000 people who were deported to the Gulag, the memorial will also be dedicated to the Hungarian victims of Soviet dictatorship both within and beyond the country’s borders. Leading up to the unveiling of the monument costing 451 million forints (EUR 1.45m) will be roundtable discussions with historians, public figures, artists and church representatives taking part. She said in the course of debates, the majority agreed that setting up the monument was an indispensable act.

In Hungary, November 25 is the official a day for remembering political prisoners and forced labourers deported to the Soviet Union, because 1,500 political prisoners returned to Hungary from the Soviet Union on this day in 1953. In every year on this day Hungarians commemorate the some 800,000 compatriots who were deported to the Soviet Union as prisoners of war or internees for years-long forced labour, and also those whom the gradually established Communist dictatorship convicted on trumped-on charges and exiled to the Gulag prisoner camps for years or decades after the end of World War II.

via and MTI