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Marking the Day of Hungarian Nature on Saturday, the parliamentary group leader of the junior ruling Christian Democrats stressed the importance of paying mindful heed to the environment and teaching children to do the same.

“The resources of the world around us — drinking water, farmland, raw materials — so often are taken for granted,” István Simicskó said. “Our children can only enjoy these priceless treasures in the future if we treat nature as good custodians.”

“We must behave as human beings, not as consumers,” he added in a statement.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity, Máté Kanász-Nagy, co-leader of green opposition LMP party, said the creation of a livable environment and the preservation of wildlife were equal to the very future of civilization.

Budapest Aims to Cut CO2 Emissions by 40% by 2030
Budapest Aims to Cut CO2 Emissions by 40% by 2030

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At a press conference broadcast on Facebook on Saturday, Kanász-Nagy said the cause of the extinction of species was the overuse of nature, deforestation for economic purposes, and environmental pollution.

He pledged that LMP, as part of new government after the 2022 general election, would put a halt to construction projects that threaten wildlife habitats and the destruction of green spaces and waterfronts. He added that LMP supports organic farming instead of large-scale agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement on International Day for Biological Diversity that Hungary’s natural environment and biodiversity were “outstanding” in European comparison.

“Protecting the diversity of wildlife is a joint undertaking and responsibility,” the statement said, adding that Hungary’s new national biodiversity strategy for the next decade is in the course of being drafted.

Survey: Great Majority of Hungarians Show Awareness of Environmental Issues
Survey: Great Majority of Hungarians Show Awareness of Environmental Issues

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The ministry said it was “committed to conserving biodiversity” and active protection measures have resulted the rebuilding of more than 100,000 hectares of wildlife habitat in recent years, helping to protect a number of endangered species.

Featured photo illustration by Balázs Mohai/MTI