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Hungary Dominates Canoe World Championships in Moscow

admin 2014.08.11.

Hungary dominated the Moscow 2014 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships this weekend, topping the medal table with 6 gold, 5 bronze and 6 silver medals. Hungarian women brought home world class results, while men displayed a more mixed performance. At a Monday press conference the president of the Hungarian association and the head coach all praised the team’s world-beating performance.

Botond Storcz, head coach of the Hungarian kayak-canoe team, said in a Monday interview in Budapest that there were 29 events with medals handed out in Moscow, 17 of which had a Hungarian on the podium. Hungary managed to top the medal table with earning more than double of second placed Russia’s tally.

Etele Baráth, President at The Hungarian Canoe Federation, also spoke at the press event, hailing the perfomance of Bence Nádas, the first Hungarian 18 year old to ever become world champion. He also spoke about the state of sport, hailing Russia’s financial, physical and mental will in the sport. Besting them in the competition is a great feat, since there are four to five times more people doing canoe and kayaking in Russia than in Hungary, emphasized Baráth.

Medal table:

Gold Bronze Silver
Hungary 6 5 6
Russia 4 2 2
Germany 2 5 1
Czech Republic 2 1 1
New Zealand 2 1

via mno.hu, MTI photo: Pool / Icf / Dezső Vékássy

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