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Animal Protection Groups Rescue Live Dogs and a Goat Packed in Corn Sacks in a Car at Asia Center

Fanni Kaszás 2020.07.28.

Five dogs and a goat were found packed in bags in a car parked in a shopping mall in Budapest. The animals have been rescued and are now safe thanks to animal protection organizations and the Noé Animal Shelter, while the driver has been prosecuted for animal torture.

Security guards at a Budapest shopping center (Asia Center Mall) in the XV District called the Budapest Police Headquarters on July 26th at 5 pm because they heard squealing sounds from bags on the trailer of a car about to leave the parking lot. Wrapped in corn sacks and tossed into the open trailer, five 3-month-old dogs and one goat were found by police.

The authorities also informed animal rights activists, and immediately after rescuing the animals started to cool them down, giving them water and food. The police also searched the car, which had several bags crumpled in its trunk, but no more animals were found. The first veterinary costs of the rescued animals were fully borne by the Asia Center Mall.

54-year-old Árpád N. who was driving the car, was captured and taken to the district police, while the animals were handed over to the staff of the Noé Animal Shelter Foundation.

The man was interrogated as a suspect due to a well-founded suspicion of animal torture. The man admitted committing the crime, but during his interrogation he did not testify or tell the police where he wanted to take the animals packed in the corn sacks and what his plans were with them.

featured photo: Noé Animal Shelter