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Hungary Deploys New 3D NATO Radar On Medina Hill

By Tamás Székely // 2015.07.15.

A new NATO 3D radar has started operating at Medina in southern Hungary on Wednesday morning. The new radar station will help defend the airspace of not only Hungary, but also of NATO as a whole, defence minister Csaba Hende said at at the ceremony held on the occasion of the deployment of the new radar complex. NATO has placed such high hopes on the radar that it covered 94% of the construction costs. It will also provide funding for the radar’s operation during its lifespan over the next 18 years, the minister added. Csaba Hende said the defence ministry had found an excellent partner company, Selex ES, in Italy that supplied the equipment. Maria Assunta Accili, the ambassador of Italy, also attended the ceremony.

Koen Gijsbers, general manager of the NATO Communications and Information Agency, noted that NATO has installed altogether eight radars – its best in Europe – in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. László Zentai, Commander of the Veszprém radar regiment of the Hungarian Defence Force said before the event regarding the new facility that the radar would be deployed as of eight o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, and it will replace the Russian radar technology commissioned in 1987 as of this point in time. The Commander reiterated that the other two elements of the local radar system were deployed in Békéscsaba and Bánkút in April 2014.

The Medina three-dimensional radar is a fifth-generation, computer signal processing device which operates more effectively and with lower energy consumption, while it is capable of better performance and is easier to maintain than the Russian radars which are now being phased out. Hungary decided on the installation of a new radar station in 1998; however, by 2010 the projects planned for both the Zengő and Tubes locations had fallen because locals and environmentalists interfered. The decision on the construction of the Medina radar station was adopted in March 2011. The foundation stone of the 45-metre-tall radar tower was laid in October 2012, and it was completed in March 2014 as a project worth HUF 1.1 billion.

via and photo: Dániel Kiss – MTI