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Hungary To Decrease Its Consumption By 18% As Parliament Approves New Energy Law

Tamás Székely 2015.05.12.

The Hungarian Parliament has passed a law on energy savings with a view to meeting the European Union’s targets for energy efficiency. Under the law Hungary’s energy consumption is targeted to decrease by 18% by 2020, in line with the related EU directive approved in 2012.

Lawmakers passed the bill with 116 in favour, 31 against and 20 abstentions. The law mandates that large companies should conduct energy audits every four years with the first audit to be completed by Dec. 5 this year. Consumers will have access to a website providing information on energy conservation techniques as well as the financial and legal aspects of energy reduction. Utility companies will be obliged to provide information on energy efficiency both on their websites and at their offices starting next year.

Under the law the government must also make energy efficient renovations to 3% of state-owned buildings. The law further obliges the government to draw up long-term building renovation strategies to be applied to both publicly and privately owned residential and commercial buildings.

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