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Website to Remember Hungary’s Covid Victims as People, Not Statistics

Tamás Vaski 2021.04.23.

A website has been created to show the magnitude of the pandemic and humanize Hungary’s Covid victims by showing who they were. The more than 26 thousand lives that have been lost in Hungary are not just shown as statistics on People, Not Statistics’ website, but as individual avatars, which are changed to a photo of the individual if they are identified.

It is easier to remain indifferent to the pandemic when viewing a daily statistic on coronavirus deaths, than it is to scroll through the thousands of faces on the front page of People, Not Statistics, even if most of them are just avatars for now.

The website brings out the human element to coronavirus deaths, visualizing the statistics themselves, and showing how significant hundreds of deaths every day actually are.

People, Not statistics was created by two volunteers, known as A. and Zs., in order to give those in mourning the opportunity to commemorate their loved ones. Their front page states their goal up front.

Thousands of our compatriots have lost their lives during the coronavirus epidemic. This is not simply a number. Not a statistic. We would like to connect lives and faces to the statistics of the pandemic’s victims, to show who they were and to commemorate them.”

The creators felt that they needed to do something about the pandemic. Since their livelihoods had not been ruined by the coronavirus, the need for action led them to create their website, in order to give back to those who had lost a lot.

Hungary Has the Most Coronavirus Deaths Relative to Its Population
Hungary Has the Most Coronavirus Deaths Relative to Its Population

In terms of countries that have a population greater than 100 thousand people, Hungary has the most coronavirus related deaths relative to its population. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 26 thousand Hungarians have passed away, with around 1,700 people dying every week for the past four weeks. Only Gibraltar stands ahead of Hungary […]Continue reading

Those in Hungary whose loved one has fallen victim to Covid can send in emails or notify the two website owners on Facebook about who they were. While some might send in short descriptions, others send obituaries, and while the information might not be verifiable, the point is to commemorate the victim.

Since we are responsible for each other, and since the people who fall victim to the coronavirus everyday cannot be measured and compared to every other kind of statistic. Because they are not statistics, but people. Who died because of the virus, and whose death is a tragedy that might have even been avoidable.”

For those who wish to share details of their loved ones who have fallen victim to the coronavirus, more information can be found on People, Not Statistics’ website.

Shocking Animation Visualizes and Commemorates Covid Victims in Hungary
Shocking Animation Visualizes and Commemorates Covid Victims in Hungary

A data visualization made by Tamás Olajos portrays the 20,737 people who unfortunately lost their lives to the coronavirus in Hungary. The animation truly captures the significance of the tragedy.  Olajos already made a version back in November, entitled “Coronavirus Deaths in Hungary” which indicated the deaths from March 2020 until November 2020. In light […]Continue reading

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI