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COVID-19: Health Experts Urge Tightening Measures to Stop Epidemic Spreading ‘Uncontrollably’ in Hungary

Fanni Kaszás 2020.10.26.

Hungarian television channel ATV has recently asked two well-known experts about the Hungarian epidemic protection measures, both of whom said that the government’s measures are insufficient. According to toxicologist Gábor Zacher, epidemic management is currently a political issue in Hungary, while infectologist Erzsébet Pusztai said that currently, the epidemic is spreading uncontrollably in Hungary.

Infectologist Erzsébet Pusztai told ATV News that currently, there are far more people infected with the coronavirus in Hungary than what we see in the data provided by the government. The expert added that within weeks, not only the number of infected people but also the number of fatalities increased significantly. The expert said that the fact that the age of registered infected people is getting higher indicates that the authorities are not able to identify all the infected people with tests, only the more serious cases.

Hungary has so far had the highest number of 48 deaths registered by the authorities in 24 hours. According to Pusztai, however, as we can see from the numbers in other parts of the world, deaths could go up to even 100-150 per day in the future. She added that since the government claimed to follow the number of fatalities rather than the number of infections when tightening epidemic measures, it would be very important to state a limit regarding when they will change the measures they have taken so far.

Toxicologist Gábor Zacher also spoke on ATV about the epidemic. According to the doctor, tightening of the measures would be necessary, and he believes that epidemic management is currently a political issue in Hungary. According to Zacher, curfew restrictions, reintroduced time bands at supermarkets and shops, school closures, and much more testing would be needed as part of a new measure package from the government. The toxicologist said he thinks epidemic management should be a professional, health, organizational, and professional issue, not a political one. At the moment, however, he thinks it is a political issue in Hungary.

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Coronavirus: Chief Epidemiologist Expects Rapid Increase in Hospitalisations

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Pusztai confirmed this, saying although she understands that the government is not thinking about strict closures, epidemic protection should work. According to the expert, mass events should not be held at all, and if large groups still gather at events, they should wear masks, even outdoors. Pusztai called it scandalous that the Fradi-Újpest match was held in front of spectators on Saturday night, while all over Europe, matches are taking place with closed doors. In her opinion, this will have very serious consequences.

featured photo: Zoltán Balogh/MTI