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Shocking Animation Visualizes and Commemorates Covid Victims in Hungary

Márton Jász 2021.03.31.

A data visualization made by Tamás Olajos portrays the 20,737 people who unfortunately lost their lives to the coronavirus in Hungary. The animation truly captures the significance of the tragedy. 

Olajos already made a version back in November, entitled “Coronavirus Deaths in Hungary” which indicated the deaths from March 2020 until November 2020. In light of the current situation with the peak of the third wave, the digital visual artist updated the video so that people can see how devastating the virus actually is. The animation illustrates all the victims in Hungary who have sadly lost their lives in the past one year, with one falling red ball representing each victim.

The data visualization made by the artist starts in March 2020 when the pandemic officially started in Hungary: the balls start to fall slowly at the beginning; however, in April we can see a sharp increase in the falling balls. In July-August we can hardly see an individual dropping ball, while watching the events in autumn and the most recent third wave depicts Hungary’s tragic situation.

Hungary Suffers Record Daily Coronavirus Deaths
Hungary Suffers Record Daily Coronavirus Deaths

Fully 302 patients died over the past 24 hours, while 6,700 new infections were registered, koronavirus.gov.hu said on Wednesday. The number of active infections has risen to 224,761,  while hospitals are caring for 12,346 Covid patients, 1,492 of whom need respiratory assistance. Since the first outbreak, 652,433 infections have been registered, while fatalities have risen […]Continue reading

According to the latest update, there was a record high number of daily victims, as 302 people sadly succumbed to the virus. The number of deaths since the pandemic started has risen to 20,737.

A tavaly novemberben készített “Koronavírusban elhunytak száma Magyarországon” adatvizualizációm frissített verziója a jelenlegi számok fényében [OC] from r/hungary

Different forms of commemorations emerged in other countries as well. For instance, March 22nd was the anniversary of the death of the first coronavirus-infected patient in the Czech Republic and since then, 24,810 people have died in the epidemic in the country, which makes it the most affected country in the world in the proportion of its inhabitants (sadly, Hungary comes second). In memory of the victims, nearly 25,000 white crosses were painted on the cobblestones in Prague’s main square. Another example happened in London, where the relatives and friends of victims paint red hearts on a wall on the bank of the River Thames opposite the British Parliament. The so-called “National Covid Memorial Wall” is expected to be more than a kilometer long and nearly 150,000 hearts will be drawn on it.

Featured photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI