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Special Coronavirus Epidemic Action Unit to Isolate Clusters

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.07.

A special epidemic action unit investigating coronavirus clusters will be isolating any groups that may be infected in order to prevent the virus from spreading further, a spokesman for the operative board coordinating Hungary’s response to the novel coronavirus epidemic said on Friday.

The first phase of protection against the epidemic has been successfully completed but the threat of the epidemic has not been eliminated and that’s why a new special epidemic action unit has been set up, Róbert Kiss told a press conference.

The unit will be tasked with coordinating the work of cooperating authorities including the army, the disaster management authority, the medical officer service and the ambulance services and to ensure that resources are used most efficiently, he added. The unit will have the authority to order restrictive measures, he said.

Hungary to Reserve 5 Million Coronavirus Vaccines
Hungary to Reserve 5 Million Coronavirus Vaccines

Hungary has reserved nearly 5 million doses of potential future coronavirus vaccine, said PMO Head Gergely Gulyás at yesterday’s weekly government press conference. He added, however, that it is still uncertain when the vaccine will be available.  In practice, this means that although there is no antidote yet against the novel coronavirus, 5 million doses […]Continue reading

Department head of the national disaster management directorate Péter Jackovics said a mobile lab operated by the disaster management authority will be made available to the new unit.

Medical director of the national ambulance service György Pápai said they had been involved in screening travellers at border crossings ever since the start of the epidemic and had taken 60,000 samples from members of the public. The ambulance services are also involved in transporting patients suspected of carrying the virus.

Gov't Plans to Reclassify Countries due to 'Dramatic Covid Figures' across Europe
Gov't Plans to Reclassify Countries due to 'Dramatic Covid Figures' across Europe

The government asks Hungarians to exercise caution when travelling abroad, even if the countries concerned are classified as low-risk regarding coronavirus infections, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, told a regular press briefing on Thursday. Gulyás said travelling to Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia was relatively risk-free. Other European countries, except the […]Continue reading

Head of the state medical services centre ÁEEK Enikő Haláchy said the organisation was tasked with supplying protective gear for health sector workers, the police, the army and to elderly homes.

Pál Szabó, a spokesman for the national hospital chief command support unit, said that 92 hospital commanders were helping anti-epidemic efforts around Hungary. Additionally, 19 commanders started work in elderly homes with over 200 residents at the end of April, tasked with protecting medical stocks and monitoring compliance with anti-epidemic regulations.

János Miklovich, the head of the army’s chemical protection unit, said the unit was tasked with protection against chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and was therefore equipped with tools that could be effectively used in anti-epidemic operations. Its disinfection teams can be deployed at any location and at any time, he added.

In the featured photo (from left to right): János Miklovich, Róbert Kiss, and  Deputy Chief Medical Officer Enikő Szabó. Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI