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Hungary Can Be “Proud” Of The Major Political Turn Says Deputy House Speaker Gergely Gulyás

Hungary Today 2016.12.30.

Hungary can be “proud” of the major political turn Western Europe has made in its approach to migration over the recent period, Deputy House Speaker Gergely Gulyás said over the weekend.

Interviewed by news portal, Gulyás said, “some important points of what the European leaders think and say about migration today are close or identical to what Hungary’s prime minister had said since the very beginning.”

Gulyás, who is also a deputy leader of the ruling Fidesz party, called this a major political achievement, “a political success which this nation of ten million inhabitants had never scored over the past few decades.” In view of the outcome of the recent US election, he said, the European Union’s “elite” can now realise that “the intolerant, discriminative version of political correctness it promoted …has become a thing of the past.”

Addressing home policy issues, Gulyás said that Fidesz did not deal with the opposition parties without reason. He added, however, that he sees the Democratic Coalition (DK) as an “extremist party which poses with its very existence a threat to the rule of law and democracy”, one that cannotbe “part of any democratic consensus”.

He is also mentioned few internal political issues in the interview. He referred to the Antal Rogan’s scandalous helicopter trip. He thinks the politicians should avoid the glamorous lifestyle but he also condemns the journalist mentality, as he put it: no one can be a left-wing journalist who does not write something bad about Rogan weakly. He was also talking about the TV2’s broadcasting direction, he thinks the station reached a certain level, which cannot be lower.