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Hungary To Build Eight New Prisons Until Summer 2018

By Tamás Székely // 2017.02.07.

Eight new penitentiary facilities of European standard will be constructed in Hungary until the summer of 2018, Tamás Tóth, head of the Hungarian Prison Service told news agency MTI.

The constructions will solve one of the country’s age-long problems, namely the massively overcrowded prisons, the Major General said. The new facilities will be established in Kunmadaras, Békés, Heves, Komádi, Ózd, Kemecse, Csenger and Komló. In Kunmadaras the prison will have a capacity of 1000, while the rest of the new prisons are designed to accommodate 500 prisoners each. The construction works will start April this year.

Tamás Tóth also said that about 10.000 prisoners work or study in the Hungarian penal institutions, which is considered a exceptional number even in European comparison. 78 percent of produced agricultural goods are sold on the domestic market, however, some of the products are also exported to foreign markets. Commenting on the tragedy of a prisoner who was beaten to death by the guards last November, Tóth said “it will never happen again in Hungarian prisons”.

According to a report published last year by the Council of Europe, Hungary has the most overcrowded prisons in Europe. In 2014, an average of 142 inmates were crammed into units designed to hold 100 people in Hungary, the report revealed.

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