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Police Prevent Violent Border Attempts at Serbia Border

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.09.30.

Hungarian police stopped large groups of migrants who attempted to illegally enter Hungary using violent means at the Röszke border crossing with Serbia, said on Wednesday.

The 40 migrants assembled on Tuesday night on the Serbian side and split into separate groups in order to climb the border fence using ladders. They pelted stones at the police officers, damaging surveillance cameras and two cars, local police said on the website.

Police prevented their multiple attempts to cross the border and arrested three migrants, who said they were Syrian nationals, but could not present any personal identification documents, Csongrád-Csanad County police said.

Criminal proceedings based on the charge of violence against an official are under way.

Two More Tunnels Discovered Below Border Fence
Two More Tunnels Discovered Below Border Fence

Two more illegal tunnels have been discovered below the fence along the Serbian border in southern Hungary, local police said on Sunday. A tunnel leading from Serbian territory below Hungary’s border fence was discovered during a field search in the area of Csikéria, in Bács-Kiskun County. Police officers will hold an on-site inspection at the […]Continue reading

György Bakondi, the prime minister’s domestic security advisor, told state news channel M1 on Wednesday that attempts by migrants to break through the border were generally concentrated along the Hungarian-Serbian border.

He said international asylum laws required entrants to cooperate with the country’s authorities. “There was no sign of that here,” he said.

Bakondi said it was hard to imagine that such attempts to break through the border could have been planned by the migrants themselves, adding that the action must have been organised in advance.

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