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Blood Shortage Rock-Bottoms, Only Urgent Surgeries Performed

Hungary Today 2020.08.24.

Due to a decrease in blood supplies, the National Blood Supply Service (OVSZ) is only providing blood for urgent surgeries and calls for blood donors.

Including the four-day-long weekend due to August 20th, blood donors’ help is urgently needed as supplies significantly decreased as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak, and summer holidays.

In additiom, until the number of blood donations comes back up to the sufficient level, only urgent surgeries will be provided for, OVSZ said.

OVSZ calls on anyone who feels healthy and hasn’t been abroad in the last 14 days to give blood. Those who at the moment aren’t near their usual blood donation center, should visit,, or where they can find the closest location to donate.

featured image via Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI