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Hungary at Forefront of Vaccinations, says Govt

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.13.

Hungary is a global leader in vaccination, as recognised by the European Commission and international organisations, while the public’s confidence in the Hungarian vaccine system is exceptional, Ildikó Horváth, the state secretary for health, said in Brussels.

Attending the World Conference on Vaccination organised by the European Commission and the World Health Organisation (WHO), Horváth told MTI that Hungary’s nursing and pediatric networks were generally seen as leading models.

Horváth noted Hungary’s high vaccination rate which ensured that diseases did not attack with their full potency and epidemics, unlike in various neighboring countries, did not take complete hold.

Hungarians Overwhelmingly in Favour of Vaccination

Addressing the issue of health-related fake news on the internet, she noted that this was hugely damaging and allowed the spread of infectious diseases around the world.

She said the fate of nations and peoples rested on the extent to which a country was able to protect its citizens from infectious diseases.

Hungary, the state secretary added, used “the most effective, the safest and highest-quality vaccines available”. Hungary in this regard, she added, was an “island of safety” in Europe.

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Horváth said the country’s 100-year-old mandatory immunisation system handed out vaccines almost 100 percent free-of-charge, making Hungary a world leader in this respect. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control also recognises Hungary’s good practices in this regard, Horváth added.

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