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New Rules for Airbnbs Take Effect as Early as August

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.07.14.

The glory days of Airbnb may soon be over in Hungary. Despite being popular among tourists and creating extreme income for some, short-term house rentals has long been a debated issue in the country for many reasons. Although the Orbán-government and Budapest Mayor, Gergely Karácsony have different goals with the restrictions, both sides support the rental limitation. On Monday, the “Airbnb Act” was submitted to Parliament. A day later, on Tuesday, the Hungarian parliament amended the regulation on private accommodation, allowing local governments to limit the number of days they may be leased for in a calendar year.

The amendment defines as “private accommodation” homes which are owned by private persons or sole proprietors, have no more than eight rooms and 16 beds, and are not used exclusively as rented accommodation. Another category, “other accommodations”, refers to establishments with no more than 25 rooms and 100 beds.

In addition, local municipalities will have the right to limit the number of days an apartment – in this case an Airbnb – can be available for rent within one calendar year via a separate decree.

In other words, similar to bigger cities in Western Europe (e.g.: Paris, London, Amsterdam), the local governments could determine the maximum number of nights tourists can rent in a short term period.

Local councils are required to inform the National Tourism Data Service Centre on the limits set on private accommodations.

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony last Thursday welcomed that the government had cooperated with the municipal council on the measure, and that local governments would have more autonomy in regulating private accommodations.

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