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Hungary 9th in EU in Emissions Reduction

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.06.11.

Hungary’s greenhouse emissions three years ago were a third lower than in the early 1990s, according to an environmental think tank.

The country is 9th on the European Union’s list of emissions reducers, Máté Litkei, the head of the Climate Policy Institute, said in an interview published by daily Magyar Nemzet on Friday.

“We have also agreed to set a target to reduce emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and make energy production 90 percent carbon-free,” he said. Making the whole economy carbon-free by 2050 “will require large resources, but this is not impossible to achieve,” he added.

Hungary Passes its Earth Overshoot Day
Hungary Passes its Earth Overshoot Day

Hungary has passed its Earth Overshoot Day on the 8th of June according to the WWF. To become more eco-friendly, we have to reduce ecological footprints and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Earth Overshoot Day shows the day humanity’s consumption exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate all the resources that were used up that year. If […]Continue reading

Litkei said all EU member states were handling climate targets as a priority issue but the distribution of targets was a matter of debate. Countries that achieved less than the European average in the past must now make greater efforts than others, he said.

The economic slowdown caused by Covid-19 significantly reduced greenhouse emissions, but a recent forecast by the International Energy Agency showed that this year’s relaunch and the global economic race is expected to result in “larger extra carbon dioxide emissions than what was, so to speak, saved during last year’s lockdown”, he said.