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HungaroControl Wins EU Funding for Modernising Air Control

Hungary Today 2018.12.22.

HungaroControl, Hungary’s air control service, has won a total of 3.5 billion forint (EUR 10.9m) European Union support to carry out developments in order to strengthen aviation safety and help the effectiveness of air control, the service said on Saturday.

This is the highest amount of EU funding ever won by HungaroControl, the statement added.

A total of four projects will be affected, the most important of which is the mir TWR (Modular Integrated Remote Tower) scheme.

“Thanks to the 3 billion forint support won for the implementation, high-level technology infrastructure developments required for airport air traffic control can be carried out,” HungaroControl said.

Based on further developing the company’s Remote Tower solution, testing will be carried out in a simulation environment for the remote control of air traffic in Debrecen Airport and the Papa military base. This project has attracted international interest, with Singapore’s Changi Airport testing a prototype similar to Budapest’s, the statement showed.

A software development project for the MATIAS control system prepared with the involvement of the company’s experts has also won support and HungaroControl will participate in two additional projects as part of international consortiums, the statement added.

via MTI