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Hungaricums: Four New Products Added On To Defining List Of Hungarian Excellence – Pictures!


Four distinctively Hungarian products – the double sausage of Debrecen, fish soup of Baja, spritzer (fröccs) and camomile flower from the Great Plain – have been added on to the official list of Hungaricums, or “noteworthy assets from Hungary, which characterise the Hungarians by their uniqueness, specialty and quality, and represent the peak performance of Hungary”, Minister of Rural Development Sándor Fazekas announced in Hungary’s second city of Debrecen on Tuesday.
The extension of the list means that the number of officially recognised Hungaricums now reaches fifty-four. Learn the minister’s arguments for extending the list to the four newly-added products:
1. Debrecen double sausage
The minister branded the type of double sausage typical of Debrecen a food rooted in folk culture which has a whole culture to it, from breeding the traditional Hungarian mangalica pig through processing and trading to hospitality. Mr. Fazekas expressed his hope that the decision will contribute to the familiar tastes of the Debrecen sausage becoming even better and more popular.
2. Spritzer (fröccs)
The recognition  of fröccs, a drink made by mixing wine (either red or white) with carbonated water that exists in 50 to 60 variations, as a Hungaricum after 200 years of history could assist both wine cultivation and “civilised” consumption of wine, the minister added.
3. Baja fish soup
Fish soup distinctive of the Southern Hungarian town of Baja on the River Danube relies on a thousand-year culture of fishing and the festival held in the town of 35 000 attracts over ten thousand visitors each year, Mr. Fazekas said.
4. Camomille flower
The minister branded camomille flower, the fourth addition to the list of Hungaricums, the most valuable medicinal plant of the Hungarian Great Plain and “the most important discovery of folk medicine”.

According to the law on Hungarian national values, which entered into effect on 1 July 2012, a Hungaricum is a:
Product worthy of distinction and highlighting, which with its Hungarian character, uniqueness, speciality and quality is a state-of-the-art performance of the Hungarian people, acknowledged as an achievement of Hungarians and as a distinguished merit both abroad and domestically, a protected natural value or  an outstanding national product declared a Hungaricum by the Hungaricum Committee and which by the force of law is a Hungaricum.

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