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Hungarians Overwhelmingly in Favour of Vaccination

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.07.22.

An overwhelming majority of Hungarians are in favour of vaccinating, a survey by the Századvég economic research institute released on Monday shows.

Fully 74 percent of the survey’s respondents said vaccination was vital for preserving health, Századvég said. Altogether 15 percent said they were “more in favour that not” of vaccination, with only 9 percent expressing a negative attitude towards the practice. Hungarians consider vaccination even more important in the case of children, with 93 percent saying they should be vaccinated as early as possible. Only 5 percent of respondents disagreed.

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The survey found that 88 percent of Hungarians have no aversion vaccines, with only 10 percent opposed to them on principle. Fully 91 percent of respondents backed the government’s decision to make the vaccination of children against chickenpox mandatory from the autumn, with 7 percent opposing it.

Századvég conducted the survey in June in the form of online interviews with a sample of 1,000 adults.

Featured photo illustration via Pixabay.com