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Hungarians in Digital Classrooms to Get Free Internet in May

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.05.01.

The government is extending free landline internet service to students and teachers learning online because of pandemic restrictions through May, deputy state secretary for digitalisation Károly Balázs Solymár said on Friday.

A government decision to make landline internet service free of charge for those in digital classrooms has supported the work of more than 1 million students and close to 120,000 teachers, while saving Hungarian families around 1.2 billion forints (EUR 3.3m) a month, Solymár said.

First Day of Schools Reopening Sees 25-40% of Students Opting to Stay Home
First Day of Schools Reopening Sees 25-40% of Students Opting to Stay Home

The lower grades of primary schools (grades 1-4) and kindergartens opened on the 19th of April. According to the decision of the Orbán government, since teachers received their first dose of vaccination before the opening, and the home-schooling of little children is often unmanageable, the opening of kindergartens and lower grades of primary school is […]Continue reading

He added that smaller ISPs, with annual revenue under 12 billion forints and fewer than 300 people on payroll, would be offered compensation for the government measure.

ISPs may apply for the funding for the period between November 2020 and March 2021 by May 19.

Secondary school students in Hungary have been learning online since November. They will return to their brick-and-mortar classrooms on May 10.

Featured photo illustration by Gábor Kiss/MTI