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Hungarians’ Diets Becoming More Healthier, Fresh KSH Report Reveals

Tamás Székely 2015.07.15.

Hungarians’ diets are improving as they eat less meat but more fish, and cut back on fatty foods and alcohol, data compiled in a report by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) show. Hungarians consumed 55.5 kilograms of meat per capita in 2013, according to the latest data in the report, down 1.6% from the previous year. They ate less pork and poultry, the two most popular meats, but fish consumption grew by 5.7% to 3.7 kilograms. A 10% rise in fish imports covered the greater demand.

Consumption of fat fell 1.5% to 33.1 kilograms in 2013. Alcohol consumption fell mainly because of less beer was drunk, but the demand for spirits also marginally decreased. Hungarians on average drank 64.6 litres of beer and 23.8 litres of wine in 2013. Average fruit and vegetable consumption was 186.5 kilograms per capita in 2013, up 7.1% from a year earlier. The amount consumed fell, however, from an average 190 kilograms in 2010, 195 kilograms in 2005 and 218 kilograms in 2000, the data show.

Hungarians consumed 5.6% less dairy in 2013 compared to a year earlier and potato consumption was down 5.9%. Fruits and vegetables accounted for 31% of their diet in 2013. Dairy products made up 24%, flour and rice 13.8% and meat and fish 9.6%. Hungarians consumed on average 651 kilograms of food in 2013, about the same as in 2013, but down from 638 kilograms in 2010, 681 kilograms in 2005 and 702 kilograms in 2000.

Meanwhile farm gate prices in Hungary fell by an annual 8.1% in May, another report released by KSH shows. Prices of crops dropped 6.7% and prices of livestock and animal products were down 10.4%. Grain prices were 16% lower and potato prices plunged 44%. Vegetable prices rose 14% and fruit prices climbed 25.4%. Livestock prices fell 8.1%. Dairy prices dropped 23%. In the first five months of this year, farm gate prices were down 7.8%.

via ksh.hu and hungarymatters.hu photo: a Hungarian feast in 1900 (source: fortepan.hu)