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Hungarians Arrested For “Mediating” Male Prostitutes To Foreign Clients

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.05.05.

Two Hungarian men have been arrested for “advertising” male prostitutes on the Internet to foreign clients.

According to police.hu, the men, aged 36 and 27, are accused of “mediating” over ten male prostitutes to clients from around the world. The men had been advertising and organising the sexual services of Hungarian men to Hungarian and foreign clients over the Internet in exchange for cash since April 2015, police say.

Officers arrested the two men while they were at home in Budapest and Pécel, near the capital, on Wednesday. During searches of their properties, mobile communication equipment and documents connected to prostitution activity were discovered and a valuable car, along with substances suspected to be drugs, were seized by police. The pre-trial detention of the men has been initiated by authorities, the statement reads.

The two men “mediated” sexual services provided by the two men to countries such as Qatar, Singapore, the United States and Switzerland, a spokeswoman for the national police directorate revealed.

Late last year, a Hungarian man was sentenced to eleven years in jail by a Miami court for leading a criminal gang that saw impoverished men from Hungary lured to work in the United States as gay sex slaves.

via hvg.hu