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Hungarian Youth Conference Reaches Out To Engage Romania’s Young Ethnic Hungarians

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.06.08.

In 2016,the Hungarian Youth Conference of Romania  focused on developing a closer relationship, a better communication channel between the young ethnic Hungarian citizens all over the country and the political leadership.

In April the Hungarian Youth Conference of Romania, together with the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), the country’s largest party representing the ethnic Hungarian community native to Transylvania, started a consultation caravan and visited more than 30 settlements across Transylvania. The project was  carried out in partnership with the Hungarian High School Students’ Union of Romania (MAKOSZ). The caravan got in touch with almost 2000 young people and carried out a survey about generational issues and public life matters.


In every city, two or more consultations were held, where the young people could answer  questions on tablets. At the same time an open discussion took place, where each question was debated by the participants, everyone having the chance to express their opinion about the topic. The goal of the project was to ask the young Hungarian generation’s opinion about their most relevant problems, to find out which are the topics that most interest the young generation and than carry out a study of the results which would be handed to the politicians. This way the polticians will have a proper and realistic image of what are the problems that most interest the Hungarian youth of Romania.

IMG6 Imre Geréd, the party’s executive vice president for youth matters

The objectives behind the project, as Lóránt Antal, the president of the organization explained, was that “We should not deal with the void structures but rather go among the young and create a personal relationship with them, because we work in their interest and represent them. We can only do this by asking them personally to tell us, what are the public issues that most interest them, we have to ask them what can we do in order to optimize their situation.Imre Geréd, executive vice-president for youth matters of RMDSZ, discussed the results of the project, saying that “The sociologists who developed the questionairre are going to analyze the answers and elaborate a study. This study will show what are the main issues that politicians have to be focusing on int he future regarding youth issues in Romania. ”

13087736_615855328564456_8500901615463720101_nLóránt Antal, chairman of the Hungarian Youth Conference

With the occasion of the local elections in Romania, held this past Sunday, the Hungarian Youth Conference of Romania set the goal of rendering 500 members of organization – young men and women under the age of 35 – on the electoral lists. The organization supported the preparation of the candidates by holding trainigs for them in the fields of public procurement, budget and urban planning. The Hungarian Youth Conference of Romania gave tasks to these young candidates, the most important of these being: representing the values and interests of the young generation, using the possibilities given by the law for attracting funds for youth programmes, and take all the possible measures in order in order to encourage the young generation to choose to stay and prosper in their homeland. The Youth Conference also wishes to put on the disposal the results of the consultation, the study prepared by the sociologists, of the candidates so they would have a proper and realistic image of the young people’s needs. This way through their four-year mandate they could work on solutions for these problems and carry out the will of the youth.