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Hungarian Victory at the European Water Polo Championship in Budapest

admin 2014.07.15.

Hungary won at the opening match against Spain by 12-9 on the first day of the European Water Polo Championship, hosted on Budapest’s Margaret Island. The championship takes place between 14-27 July, twelve countries have qualified in for the Men’s Championship, while eight nations for the Women’s Championship.

Expectations ride high as Hungary hosted previously three European Water Polo Championships, in 1926, 1958 and 2001, getting a gold medal at all three events (two men’s and one women’s gold), while Hungary is the all time medal leader of the championship as well.

Hungary played Spain in Group B, the goal scorers were: Dániel Varga 5, Madaras, Erdélyi 2-2, Tóth, Hosnyánszky, Varga Dénes 1-1. Hungary’s next match will be on 15 July against France, starting 20.30 CET. The match will be broadcast by the Hungarian national television.

Photo: Waterpolo European Championship 2014