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Hungarian Wildlife Picture Taken By Imre Potyó In The Best Wildlife Photos Of 2016

Robert Velkey 2016.09.02.

On the 21 of October a gallery opens from the best wildlife picture in the National History Museum of London. Within the competition of wildlife photographers of the year 100 exceptional images, revealing the astonishing diversity of life on our planet. Dramatic landscapes and intimate portraits shows the best photographers passion for the natural world.

This year’s competition was the most competitive to date, attracting almost 50.000 entries from professionals and amateurs across 95 countries, writes the official page of the National History Museum. The winning images are selected for their creativity, technical excellence and originality by international expert juries.


Swarming under the stars taken by Imre Potyó from Hungary is in the best images of 2016. Imre pityó captured the chaotic swarming of mayflies on Hungary’s River Rába. The unique moment for a few days each year can be seen (at the end of July or beginning of Augusts) when the adult insects emerge from the Danube tributary, where they developed as larvae. The mayflies emerged just after sunset, they filled the air with millions of silken wings, lay their eggs on water’s surface then they died, exhausted after just a few hours.

Let’s see the other best wildlife moments of the year;









via: 444.hu; nhm.ac.uk

photos: nhm.ac.uk

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