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Hungarian-Ukrainian Communication Center Opened at Záhony Border Crossing

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.01.26.

According to a report by Hungarian wire service MTI, A border services coordination center has been opened at the Záhony border station. The new center was officially opened at a ceremony on Wednesday.

Speaking at the center’s official opening, Hungary’s deputy national police chief Zsolt Halmosi said that the center is part of a 7.6-million-euro program, the ‘Effective and Secure Border Between Hungary and Ukraine’ project, which is supported by the European Union.

Halmosi also added that the first Hungarian border communication center was established in 2002 at the Austrian Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf border; this is the first such communication center on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

Viktor Nazarenko, Ukraine’s border affairs commissioner and the head of the state border guard service, said the Záhony center will work to solve operational issues connected with border controls, as well as help prevent illegal migration, smuggling and terrorism.

The center aims to help Hungarian and Ukrainian authorities to work together more closely to help prevent illegal migration, smuggling, and terrorism.

Reportedly, the new center will also help with issues regarding border controls, as well as smooth the flow of traffic at the Záhony border crossing.

Hungarian and Ukrainian police and border officials, as well as Hungarian customs officials, will work at the center, which will be open 24/7.

Via MTI and Hungary Matters

Image via ATV