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Hungarian Trains Late by 4 Years in 2018

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.03.08.

Last year, the trains were late by a total of 2,120 million minutes, equal to four years. Whereas, in 2017, the trains were only late by three and a half years, combined. requested public interest data from the Hungarian Railways company (MÁV). It appears that railway reconstruction on the lines between Budapest-Pécs, Budapest-Miskolc and Budapest-Debrecen caused the increase in delays.

According to MÁV, it is worth combining inaccuracies with the total running time of all trains; in 2018, this was about 159 years. Last year, more than 1,031 million trains were running on the national network, and 87 percent reached their destination on time. That said, the average lag for each line was two minutes. (Although, interestingly enough, in its statistics, MÁV does not count trains that are less than six minutes late.)

MÁV also added that these detentions do not necessarily mean passengers were late as the aggregate data of delays include passengers transported via buses organized by MÁV.