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Hungarian Tennis Association to Receive Billions from Gov’t after Financial Difficulties

Sára Kata 2020.08.31.

It has been public knowledge for a while now that the Hungarian Tennis Association is facing serious financial difficulties, and generous government support might provide a solution. 

2,5 billion forints (EUR 7,05 million) will be allocated from the state budget to the Hungarian Tennis Association so that it can balance its budget, Magyar Közlöny wrote last Sunday.

János Lázár. Photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI

The MTSZ has been led by Fidesz politician and former Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, János Lázár, since July. He took the position after his predecessor, Lajos Szűcs, another Fidesz MP, stepped down due to financial difficulties that arose during his leadership. After being elected, Lázár pressed charges against the Association’s former General Secretary, Attila Richter, as he had entered into a contract for a Hungarian tournament without presidential order to do so.

Authorities to Find Cause of Hungarian Tennis Association's Enormous Deficit
Authorities to Find Cause of Hungarian Tennis Association's Enormous Deficit

The Hungarian Tennis Association (MTSZ) elected their new president, Fidesz MP and former PMO Head János Lázár on Monday. The politician inherited a deficit of HUF 3.5 billion from the previous management, led by Fidesz MP Lajos Szűcs. Szűcs missed the meeting, but he wrote a letter which highlighted the merits of the past and […]Continue reading

The Association is facing serious financial problems. According to ex-president Lajos Szűcs, they need 3.5 billion forints in government funding to survive. Recently, János Lázár made a post on Facebook, writing that the situation is dire as the executors of A-Z Tenisz Produkció Kft. have taken 500 million forints from their four current accounts. The Association has asked the executors to send the money back.

Featured photo illustration by MTI/EPA/Ali Haider