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Hungarian Success: Kornél Horváth Named Best Percussionist Of The Year

Tamás Székely 2016.12.02.

Kornél Horváth, a Kossuth-prize winning Hungarian percussionist, has won the British Rhythm magazine’s best percussionist prize for 2016, musicradar.com reported on Thursday.


Hungary’s ‘Thunder duo’: Gábor Dörnyei and Kornél Horváth

The 62-year-old musician took the prize competing with such stars as Pete Lockett, Chris Fehn from the band Slipknot, Mino Cinelu, Mauro Refosco, Luis Conte, Evelyn Glennie, Trilok Gurtu, Sheila E who played with Prince and Adele’s percussionist Aaron Draper.

“This is the most prestigious professional award I have every received and no Hungarian has ever made it to such a list. Maybe this is owing to the fact that I play a little differently than others, I stand out from the crowd,” Horváth told news agency MTI. He said he had played many concerts with his duo Thunder with Gábor Dörnyei, a drummer, in western Europe and the US. Their music was well received by the press there, he added.

Kornél Horváth has collaborated on over 200 albums over his career, using a unique playing style as a percussionist. The ‘Thunder Duo’ will embark on a tour of Asia next year, and also plans further concerts with his new quartet that includes US guitarist Stanley Jordan and Brazilian guitarist Alegre Correa.

via musicradar.com and hirado.hu