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Hungarian Success Abroad: Feri’s Sausages Bring Taste Of Hungary To Finland – Gallery!

Tamás Székely 2015.09.14.

Ferenc Vilisics had arrived in Finland as an ecologist researcher but he decided to stay in the North even after his scholarships expired a few months ago. Ferenc had no previous experience in food business, yet he was brave enough to open his own sausage shop after his home-made Hungarian sausages have become extremely popular among friends. One of Ferenc’s spicy Hungarian sausages even won a competition of sausage-makers in Helsinki, securing the prestigious “Stadin paras makkara” (“the best sausage in the city”) title. Most of Ferenc’s guests are Hungarian expats living in Finland but the sausages’ popularity among Finns is increasing rapidly, the sausage-filler master told Hungarian media.





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