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Helpy: Hungarian Startup Develops The Uber Of Cleaning Services

Robert Velkey 2016.03.29.

“Cleaning Woman Here, Now!” – this the posy of Helpy, Hungary’s new online cleaning service company. The usual question about cleaning services sounds like this: “Do you know where can I find a good and reliable cleaning woman?”  The brand-new Hungarian startup tries to answer this question and help out in the difficulties of finding good maids. In the world of the digital revolution, with the advantages of online society, Helpy ensures an easy, reliable and high-quality service. This March, the imaginative company received investment of 150 000 euros (HUF 50 million).


When we move to a new place and we don’t know anybody around us, or simply we haven’t got anybody who is up to cleaning in our circle of friends, Helpy is ready to help. It is easy to order the service through the company’s website – click to the link to check this out: www.helpy.hu. We can choose from five packages by the size of the house and we can pick extras or time managing also. Our cleaning can be done in 2-3 seconds. Well, if you don’t have time to do the cleaning but don’t want to act in haste before your visitors arrive, here is the solution.


If you want to be member of the cleaning team you have the opportunity to apply on the page. If you start to work as a Helpy cleaner, you can set your location and find the closest workplaces to you – this way you can save time on travelling.


Recently, Helpy started the service in Győr and Szeged, and is planning expansion to other cities of the country this autumn. The company also has plans to reach out to the international market, according to spokeswoman Patrícia Krcsma.


via: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu; hvg.hu; facebook.com/helpyhun
photo: facebook.com/helpyhun


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