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Hungarian Socialists Back Former Ombudsman’s Presidential Candidacy

Tamás Székely 2017.01.03.

László Majtényi, Hungary’s former ombudsman, could “represent the whole country” if elected president, the opposition Socialist Party (MSZP) said.


The Sándor Palace in the Buda Castle is the official residence of the Hungarian Presidents since 2003

The idea of Majtényi’s nomination was raised by the President for the Republic civil group. The Socialists called Majtényi a “respected public personality” who had already proven his commitment to a democratic rule of law and representing “those without power”. “As ombudsman, Majtényi (pictured above) had worked to protect the rights, security and freedom of the people against the government at any time,” the Socialist Party said, adding that it would not serve Hungary’s interests if János Áder, the incumbent president, continued in his position and “assisted every move of the Orban government, giving up values and principles”. The Socialist Party also called on the other “democratic” parties to support Majtényi’s nomination.

The civil call for Majtényi’s nomination was signed by public personalities including former foreign minister Kinga Göncz, sociologists Zsuzsa Ferge and László Bruszt, philosopher Ágnes Heller, pastor Gábor Iványi, political 
scientist László Kéri, author Lajos Parti Nagy and economist Mária Zita Petschnig.

Previously Hungary’s conservative ruling party Fidesz said it would nominate János Áder as Hungary’s head of state for another five-year term. Later Áder confirmed he had accepted the nomination. In Hungary parliamentary parties can start nominating their candidates 90 days prior to the expiry of the incumbent president’s term, while the election itself will take place during parliament’s spring season. Under the constitution, parliament is obliged to elect the next president 30-60 days before the incumbent president’s term is over.

via and MTI