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Hungarian SMEs Attach Little Importance to Digitalisation

Hungary Today 2018.07.19.

Almost half of Hungarian SMEs don’t think digitalisation is important, according to a survey by T-Systems Magyarország.

About 72 percent of local SMEs have not made any IT developments in the past two years, the representative survey of some 800 companies shows. Just one in six companies offer online customer service, but half have their own home page.

The SMEs regularly using digital tools mostly focus on e-mails sent to their customers, the survey said. A majority of companies, 88 percent, contact their customers by phone, and 83 percent send e-mails, while 36 percent also use the postal service and 69 percent personal contact, it said.

Most SMEs still use paper invoices and file them on paper. Only 7-8 percent have a fully paperless filing system.


via MTI

featured image via ritmus.hu