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Hungarian Skier Edit Miklós On Her Latest Injury: “Staying Positive is Difficult”

Tom Szigeti 2018.01.15.

After injuring her knee just over a year ago, Hungarian slalom skier Edit Miklós was able to recover, and looked poised to make an appearance at this year’s Winter Olympic Games in in PyeongChan. As a recent article by Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet makes clear, however, Miklós’ hopes were dashed again over the weekend, when she tore her knee ligament at the Alpine Skiing World Cup at Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria on Saturday

Miklós, who placed 7th in slalom at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, underwent surgery on Saturday night, and by Sunday afternoon she was available for comment on the incident. When asked about how disappointed she is, and if she is upset with someone or at something she replied with the following:

Honestly, the only thing I regret, the only reason I am angry, is that I participated in this race. It’s likely that I could have avoided all of this, but trouble seems to find me eventually.

During Saturday’s Super Giant Slalom event, Miklós had crossed the finish line when she lost her balance, fell backwards, rolled a number of times, and lay still for several minutes. She had to be carried away on a stretcher, and taken via helicopter to the hospital in Villach, where she was X-rayed; the doctor who performed last year’s operation on her, Christian Schenk, announced that another operation had to be performed. The surgery happened that Saturday night, successfully, at Schruns.

At a private clinic in Austria, Edit told Magyar Nemzet, via telephone, that although the course wasn’t in perfect condition, she had wanted to prepare for Saturday’s Super-G and Sunday’s downhill tournament, where it was expected that the course would also be in a “crunchy, hard” state.

I considered Saturday’s race to be practice. If I could turn back time then of course I wouldn’t have participated, but at the time I didn’t seriously think about leaving out the run, I am just thinking back that I could have decided to not go through with it.

Last year, almost to the day, both her knees had to be operated on after her accident in Austria. After her successful rehabilitation, by August she was once more training on snow, and in December she was still among the leaders in her sport, with a 14th place finish in the world cup. After her success at the Olympics 4 years ago, Miklós Edit was clear in her resolve: she wanted to be an Olympic medalist, perhaps even a gold medalist, and wasn’t ready to let go of her dreams. But after a while, so many people questioned her capabilities that she became more reserved with her ambitions when she speaking to reporters.

“Despite all this, my goals remain the same; that is, I still wish to come home a champion,” she had told the press at the end of October 2017.

Considering all this, it is even more difficult to accept that she will be absent from February’s Olympics. After last year’s incident, the Hungarian downhill skier was eager to prove her worth, but instead the same path to recovery awaits her once more.

This accident has left me weary, and feels worse than last year’s. I am trying to stay positive, this is the only way I can go forward.

She didn’t feel a lot of pain before her surgery, but her hope that she only damaged the lateral collateral ligament was dashed when it turned out that the inner ligament was affected as well. Edit said that she didn’t reopen the old injury, and that, as far as she could tell, this was a new injury altogether.

“Sometimes we fall down, but it’s important to get back up again to continue on our path!” she posted later on her social media account. The 29-year-old Alpine skier will be able to walk again in 3 weeks; patience is the most important virtue for her at this time.

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