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Hungarian Silver and Bronze at Water Polo Euro Championship

admin 2014.07.28.

The Hungarian Men’s water polo team suffered a defeat from defending champion Serbia, while the Women’s team won the third place match at the Water Polo Euro Championship in Budapest, reported news agency MTI. The Sunday match for the gold was won by Serbia 12-7, while the Saturday women’s match was won by Hungary against Italy 10-9.

The 2012 European Champion Serbia and 2013 World Champion Hungary was a true clash of water polo titans at the Water Polo Euro Championship, held on the Margaret Island of Budapest. The Hajós Albert Swimming Stadium was filled with Hungarians eagerly supporting the home team, but that did not prove enough. Serbia managed to secure a quick, stunning lead, in the first half, and in the second half Hungary could not get back into the game.

Hungary’s Women’s team faced Italy on Saturday as crowds were eager for the team to secure silverware. The Women’s Team, fourth at the London Olympics, third in 2013 at the World Championship and 2012 Euro Championship, displayed a strong performance against the Italians as 5.000 supporters cheered for Hungary.

Vízilabda Eb - Bronzérmes a magyar nõi csapat

 The bronze-winning Hungarian Women’s Team

MTI photo, Tamás Kovács