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Hungarian Short Film Receives Three Awards in Los Angeles

By Fanni Kaszás // 2018.01.03.

A Hungarian short war film/thriller Long Way Home (Messze az Otthon), written and directed by Sándor Gál, won three awards in Los Angeles in December 2017.

After the Oscar winner Son of Saul and Sing, Ildikó Enyedi’s On Body and Soul is also on its way to the Oscars. Following their footsteps, a small budget, short war film, Long Way Home won three awards at an IMDb qualifying monthly film competition, Los Angeles Film Awards.

The film, telling a story about a manhunt against a private, whose only goal is to get back home, was awarded with the Best Picture and Best Narrative Short, while lead actor Gergő Bárdi received the prize for the Best Actor in Los Angeles.

The main character of Long Way Home is Albert (Gergő Bárdi), a private, who wants to leave the war zone and get back home at all costs, but stucks in a forrest all alone where he is forced to face his enemies and fears during a deadly manhunt. On his way, he witnesses the world that he wants to leave so badly.

According to, the 13-minutes-long film works with beautiful settings and engage the audience from the first minutes till the end with its atmosphere. In addition to the beautifully screened images, the work of cinematographer Dániel Pápai, they also praise the sound editing of the film (Gergely Nagy). The sound of explosions and gunshots have as good quality as the sounds of a big budget movie.

You can watch the teaser trailer of Long Way Home here:

The film’s indiegogo page is available here.