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Hungarian Satirical Party Accused of ‘Counterfeiting’ Money

Hungary Today 2019.05.13.

The National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV) has summoned the board of satirical Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (Hungarian Two-tailed Dog party) on suspicion of counterfeiting. Party Chairman Gergely Kovács confirmed the news to leftist newspaper, Népszava. In his words, it’s probably about “the Soros money.”

Over the past month, the satirical party has printed out thousands of banknote-like papers to give to those who sign a recommendation sheet for the EP elections.


On these 'banknotes,' images of public figures critical of the Hungarian government can be found as a joke. Among them is George Soros, a frequent target of criticism from Hungarian governing party, Fidesz. According to them, Soros uses various non-governmental organizations to fund illegal migration and pays pro-migration (or simply anti-Fidesz) politicians and political parties around the world. Even the Hungarian opposition parties have been stigmatized as 'Soros mercenaries' by the ruling party.

Gergely Kovács told Népszava that the party had asked advice from a lawyer prior to the action and were warned that someone might report them. However, the party chose to proceed anyway as it was certain it could win a lawsuit due to the fact that the official banknotes and mock papers it created were entirely different.

The party will honor the summons but maintains that it will deny any accusation of counterfeiting, Gergely Kovács emphasized.

Photo via Facebook

Soros is on the 10k banknote as “the source of all trouble,” but the American billionaire is not the only one who appears on the bills. Blanka Nagy, the 18-year old opposition political activist who “dishonored the Hungarian mother’s memory with her foul language” is on the 500 banknote. Pictured on the 1k banknote is Márton Gulyás, the opposition political activist deemed the “commander of the Soros army.” On the 2k banknote, you can find László Varjú, MEP of opposition DK and “the unremovable” (this refers to his expulsion from the public media’s headquarters by security guards). Judith Sargentini is on the 5k banknote for being the one “who dares to question the rule of law in Hungary.” Lastly, Jean-Claude Juncker appears on the 20k bill for being “the innkeeper of Europe.” This is in reference to his “drinking problem,” often insinuated by pro-government media.

Featured photo via Facebook.

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