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Hungarian Researchers: Covid-19 Pneumonia Caused by Virus from Patient’s Upper Respiratory Tract

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.01.26.

The likelihood of the novel coronavirus getting into a patient’s lungs directly from the air is very small, the virus causing Covid-19 pneumonia will come from their upper respiratory organs, according to recent research by Hungarian scientists published in Scientific Reports.

According to their results, direct infection of the lungs is very unlikely, even if particles from a Covid patient’s cough are inhaled. The process leading to full-blown pneumonia starts with infection in the upper respiratory tract, where the virus multiplies and goes deeper in the respiratory organs, the report said.

Based on their research, the experts suggested application of agents reducing the concentration of the virus on the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose when the patient experiences primary symptoms of the disease, such as coughing or a lack of smell or taste, to prevent a more serious stage, the Eötvös Lóránd Research Network (ELKH) said in a statement.

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Coronavirus: Hungarian Drug Prevents Serious Illness in Animal Trials

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The researchers also pointed to the importance of reducing the concentration of the virus in the air, and advocated frequent airing and coughing into a tissue even when alone.

featured image illustration via György Varga/MTI