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Hungarian Pupils Reluctant To Learn Second Foreign Language, Survey Shows

Tamás Székely 2017.02.28.

Almost all Hungarian lower secondary school pupils learnt a foreign language in 2015 but only a few studied two, data compiled by Eurostat shows. Fully 90.5% of the 385,300 lower secondary school pupils in Hungary learnt one foreign language while 6% studied two or more.

The percentage of pupils learning two foreign languages was the lowest in the European Union. In neighbouring Slovakia, the proportion stood at 78% while it was 65% in the Czech Republic and 94% in Poland. The percentage of Hungarians who learn a second foreign language improves in upper secondary education, where the figure reached 37.6% in 2015, Eurostat data show. Still, the proportion was lower than that in Slovakia (67%), the Czech Republic (50.5%) and Poland (69.8%). English is the most commonly studied language at lower secondary level in Hungary. German is runner-up.


Meanwhile, sources from the Human Resources Ministry suggested the costs of the first intermediate language exam – as well as the written driving test – would be covered by the state for every Hungarian student. It is important because as of 2020 at least one B2 foreign language exam will be obligatory for those who want to access higher education in the country.

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via hungarymatters.hu and http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat; cover photo: hvg.hu