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Hungarian Press Roundup: The PM Calls for the Protection of ‘Christian Heritage’

Hungary Today 2019.04.15.

A pro-government commentator welcomes PM Orbán’s statement about the vital importance of Christianity for Europe, while Hungary’s only neocon pundit condemns that position as pure identitarianism.

Hungarian press roundup by

In his regular weekly editorial, Demokrata’s Andás Bencsik agrees with the Prime Minister, who recently said that Christianity is an indispensable element in freedom and a European way of life. To support the Prime Minister’s position, he quotes Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea who warned the Western world against the consequences of its low birth rate coupled with increasing immigration. ‘If Europe disappears as a consequence of mass immigration and low birth rates, then Islam will overrun the world and will change culture, anthropology and morality alike’, Bencsik quotes the African cardinal as saying.

In Heti Világgazdaság, László Seres calls that position a typical example of identitarian politics and agrees with Francis Fukuyama who recently wrote that identity politics may undermine democracy as we have known it. He says identitarian views are often expressed by Orbán’s potential allies in Italy, France, Poland and Austria and their ideology is constantly spreading.