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Hungarian Press Roundup: Orbán Accused of Threatening Peace

Hungary Today 2019.04.16.

A pro-government commentator criticises the Democratic Coalition for accusing PM Orbán of undermining peace in Europe. A left-wing columnist calls for more EU-integration.

Hungarian press roundup by

Juncker: Orbán’s Nationalism Could Lead to War

In Magyar Nemzet, Gyula Haraszti lambasts the Democratic Coalition for suggesting that PM Orbán is a grave danger to European peace. Commenting on the EP election campaign opening rally of former PM Gyurcsány’s party, the pro-government columnist finds absurd the suggestion that PM Orbán and other right-wing politicians that do not advocate the creation of a United States of Europe would steer Europe towards war. Haraszti also considers it absurd to claim that Hungarians seeking jobs in Europe leave the country in protest against the government.

Népszava’s Róbert Friss accuses the government of refusing to abide by the basic norms of the EU and believes that such an attitude is in contradiction with its claim to being a defender of Europe’s Christian culture. The left-wing commentator thinks that the government’s proposal to help people in need in their homelands through aid rather than offering them shelter in Europe could only be carried out through EU-wide cooperation. As for Hungary’s future in the EU, Friss believes that the government is fully aware that for Hungary, it is vital to remain part of the European Union.