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Hungarian President Warns Of The Value Of Water On World Water Day

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.03.24.

The 22nd of March is designated as Annual World Water Day all around the world. In Hungary, fortunately water is not a deficit but a great value. Not only the thermal springs and healing waters but simple drinking water also. The territory of the country surrounded all around the Carpathian Basin is a water collector of the rivers from the mountains. If you look at the map, you can see the Danube and the Tisza are the two biggest collector rivers. All of the 9800 watercourses of Hungary flows into them. Hungary is lucky with environmental and natural resources that are the prerequisite of human life. Just imagine, before the water management and regulation of 1938 the water was the ruler in many areas of the country.


Besides many programs all around the country, conferences and celebrations were held. President of the Republic János Áder visited the world-famous thermal bath in Hévíz for the celebration of the Water Day. He mentioned the thankful work for saving the Lake of Héviz 26 years ago by the stop of the bauxite mining.


Human activity is having a dramatic impact on the Earth’s climate, the Hungarian president told a conference on Tuesday, World Water Day. The consequences are becoming increasingly apparent around the world, Áder János said, nothing acceleration of the water cycle, downpounds following long dry periods and flash floods. There are 500 million people living in areas where water reserves, if consumed in present quantities, will be exhausted within a couple of decades,” he said. As a consequence of industrial development, most of the rivers on the planet are no longer an adequate source of drinking water, the president said.