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Hungarian Police Bust Illegal Taiwanese Gambling House in Budapest

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.03.28.

Yesterday afternoon, Hungarian police, responding to a call from a neighbor that someone was in need of help, arrived at a house in Budapest’s 2nd District. Upon arrival, they found a number of Taiwanese men and women who were being held there against their will.

Early reports in the Hungarian media, particularly in tabloid magazine Bors, seemed to indicate that the women were sex slaves; this, however, is no longer clear.

A total of 35 Taiwanese men and women were found in the house, located on Bimbó street in the hills of Buda, according to a press release by the Hungarian Police. The witnesses were interviewed through a translator.

The authorities produced a video of the crime scene, which can be viewed below:

Following a search of the house, police determined that an illegal gambling operation was being run from the building. Investigators seized laptops,  mobile phones, and tablets. They have also arrested a 35-year-old Taiwanese citizen, on charges of unlawful imprisonment and organizing illegal gambling.

The interview of all witnesses is ongoing.

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