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Hungarian Photographer Injured in Lybia

Fanni Kaszás 2019.09.10.

A Hungarian photographer was wounded in Lybia, Tripoli. Previously, several news portals reported that the photographer was abducted; however, according to the official information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was wounded on Saturday at the Tripoli front line as a result of a bomb attack and then underwent a successful operation in a nearby hospital.

Tamás Menczer, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has confuted the news of the kidnapping of the photographer in a Facebook post and the company, where the photographer works as a lawyer, also spoke up about the case.

The Vámosi-Nagy Ernst & Young Law Firm, where the photojournalist works as a lawyer, wrote to hvg.hu that they have also received the news concerning their collegue, dr Gergely Szabó, and they “are constantly working together with the authorities to get Gergely back home as soon as possible.”

Several Hungarian news portals and newspapers referred to the Libyan news agency LANA and Italian news portal Rai a Lana, who released information on Monday regarding the Hungarian photographer, saying he had been taken away by gunmen from a hotel in the center of the Libyan capital on Sunday evening, while his local guide could escape.

Meanwhile, controversial news has emerged on the Lybia Observer English-language Twitter site, saying that a journalist, working for RTL, was injured in a drone attack by General Khalifa Haftar’s forces in South Tripoli the night before.

The post also included a photo of the injured reporter sitting on his hospital bed with bandaged fingers and leg, but seemingly not seriously injured, lifting his thumb toward the camera.

featured photo: Libya Observer Twitter