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Hungarian Pálinka House Named Distillery Of The Year At International Competition

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.03.17.

Destillata, the largest-scale European competition of fruit brandys (pálinka), liquors, whiskies and other spirits, has come to a close this year with outstanding Hungarian success. This was the 23rd occasion the highest-acclaimed Central European championship of distilleries was held. This year, the awards gala took place in the Esterházy Palace of the town of Eisenstadt, Austria.

162 distilleries from 14  countries took part in the cmapionship, with a total of around 1500 products from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Serbia, the Netherlands and Argentina. The highest number of medals were won by Austria (568) and Germany (286); Hungary was represented by 25 distilleries.

Hungarian spirits fared excellently, collecting a total of 163 awards, including 6 prizes for Distillate of the Year, 7 golds, 62 silvers and 88 bronzes, meaning that the third highest number of prizes were won by Hungarian contestants. The competition’s greatest recognition was also granted to a Hungarian company; Agárdi Pálinkafőzde was named Distillery of the Year, and Tibor Vértes, one of the firm’s founding owners, Distiller of the Year.

via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
photo: Facebook/Agárdi Pálinkafőzde