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Hungarian National Team Coach Bernd Storck on Andorra: They Don’t Play Football, They Just Stand Back by the Net

Tom Szigeti 2016.11.02.

The Hungarian National Team’s coach expects an “unusual” match in the team’s last World Cup qualifying game of the year.

While we will have to wait until Thursday for the announcement of the national team’s official roster for the game, coach Berndt Storck and his staff are already preparing for their November 13th match against Andorra.

In an interview with Hungarian television station M4’s sports channel, Storck discussed the Andorran team. “We watched Andorra’s last three games, and saw how they play; they well-organized, and physically well-prepared. It will be hard to play against them. You can’t take their match against Portugal into account, because the Portuguese team scored against them very early on. What’s certain, is that what we can do to prepare, we’ve done, we await meeting their team.”


Storck feels that it would be good to show viewers what the Hungarian team is capable of, and he also hopes that it will be a full house.

“It was a good year so far, we need to end it well,” he said, referring to the upcoming match against Andorra, where Storck feels that the team needs to find the holes where his team can make goals; the main objective is to quickly score goals, because if they cannot manage that, then the team might get into trouble. But, according to the coach, if his team takes their task seriously, this is a “mandatory match,” one that must be won, one that, he added “we will win too.”

On the fact that the friendly match against Sweden will be a mere two days later, Storck said that those players who play more than one half against Andorra will not be taking part in the match on the 15th. The coach said that with 27 players on the team he has more than enough men to put a squad together, and also mentioned that fans will see many players who, through their accomplishments, have “shortened their route out of the reserve roster and onto the national team.

“We will be training with them separately in the time we have left,” said the coach regarding the work ahead of the team in the next week. Storck is especially happy that his team’s level of fitness has increased significantly; the forwards are scoring goals, while the substitutes are on their feet rather than on the bench.

And what kind of match can we expect against Andorra?

“It won’t be a classic football match, because our opponents don’t play in a traditional sense, but rather stand back in front of the goal. That is why it’s very important that we play extremely intensely, especially the three forwards, and we need to be effective in set pieces.”

Regarding recent changes to the team, the coach explained that every organization goes through changes, people come and people go. He added that in order for everything to run professionally, the people working with the team need to be the best, but sometimes the best people don’t always manage to work in the best positions.

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