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Hungarian National Consultation Garners ‘Record-Breaking’ 1,680,000 Responses, Government Official Says

Robert Velkey 2017.06.01.

The government’s “national consultation” questionnaire has garnered a record 1,680,000 responses, according to the latest count on Wednesday, the state secretary of the government office said.

Wednesday is the last day for voters to return their answers to the questionnaire by mail or online. Csaba Dömötör thanked the voters who had taken part in the survey, saying that their participation “demonstrates the strength of Hungarian democracy and that Hungarians never allow others to make decisions affecting them without their input”. He said that the 1,680,000 responses returned was 60% more than the number of responses sent back for the questionnaire on immigration in 2015. It is also 400,000 more than the number of votes won by Hungary’s leftist parties in the 2014 election and 700,000 more than Jobbik’s vote tally, he added.

Dömötör said the government would give a detailed breakdown of the results of the survey at a later date, adding that their estimates show that the government’s policies would be backed by an “overwhelming majority” of respondents.

The state secretary said the government intends to continue tackling illegal migration and to keep the right to regulate taxes, wages and utility prices as national competencies. He added that Hungary expects drawn-out disputes with the European Union on these issues, which he said gave the level of participation in the survey even more weight.

via: hungarytoday.hu

photos: 24.hu; kormany.hu